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My Journey Begins

I am a Grant House Alumni. I would like to start by telling everyone a little about myself. I am a 47-year-old woman with 4 grown children. My life had become unmanageable with the use of drugs for over 20 years. Many times I've called out to "GOD" for help to get my life in order. His way of helping was directing me to seek help in a drug treatment program. For the I've learned something about me, that I could not beat this addiction by myself. I have been in treatment before, but I really was not ready to stop back then. After doing 28 days of treatment I learned that I could no longer do drugs. After completing my 28 days I was sent to a Grant House transitional housing program where the second part of my journey begins. I was very impressed with the house itself, but most of all I felt a connection with the founder of the program. She was very with me and extended her hand anyway she could. It made for because I had issues with women so this was a great program for me to work on my issues with women. Mrs. Grant-Cunningham saw something in me in the 60 days that I was in her program, and she appointed me to be the house team leader. I was truly grateful to because she saw something in me that I did not see in myself. to build a 

relationship with the ladies in the house. It also my self-esteem, and trust issues, so I thank Mrs. Grant-Cunningham for that. The program has also helped me to set some goals to strive for. My first goal was to stay clean and live working on other goals and I feel that as I stay in this process and the program, they will be achieved. With all this being said I'm very grateful to god and Grant House. It has afforded me a new way of life and living. I will strive to be productive each day of my recovery.

Miss. Tyree Howard

Hello Readers,

My name is Teresa Clayton. The day I had my interview with Mrs. Towanda I was greeted with hospitality and with love. I fell in love with her house, it was so fresh and clean and I'm happy to be apart of keeping it that way. I love it at Grant House. The ladies in the house are very special to me and they are all very loving and supportive and everyone is growing at their own pace here. Patience is a virtue especially when we are trying to get better with ourselves. We all work well together and if anyone of us is having a hard day we encourage one another. We eat well and get a good night sleep so that we are able to tackle everyday life. It's a safe haven here and very comfortable and I genuinely love everyone Trina and Towanda Cunningham because they are so humble, caring, and loving. They have all their residents best at heart and I personally would like to thank them for their love and support. They are truly blessed and it's pouring over to me. I want to thank them for making me feel adequate and a part of their family.